Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hari Jubah & Birthday

Kalau kecik-kecik dulu, birthdays are most exciting. Besaq-besaq ni well umm, you tell me.. Honestly I love birthdays, surprises, & presents. But i think the moment my age begins with a digit 2, the whole excitement is all gone! Poof! 

This year though, convocation was one day before my birthday which makes it kinda exciting. I will not lie, i was expecting something special from my fam. And they made the expectation came true. Thank you, I love you gaisss!


Speaking of my convo, some of my friends and i, manage to do a pre-grad photo session one day before the actual event. We were glad we did it though, atleast we got some pretty shots.

The actual event! OMG! Tipu la kalau tak seriau time nak naik stage. All i was thinking at that particular moment was 'tolonglah jgn jatuh & jgn lupa kata TQ' nervous tu sebab takut and malu jatuh depan semua org ja. Haha

Anyways, i was glad everything when smoothly and everyone was happy being there celebrating it with me. It's just a degree, still a long way ahead of me. Hopefully i will challenge myself for masters and phd. Who knows. Last but not least, i'm missing all these faces right now. Everyone off in their separate ways. All the best gaisss! Semoga semua berjaya dunia akhirat! Amin. 

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